Rp 370.000,00
A variety of colorful stainless steel bottles (320ml)

320ml stainless steel bottle perfect for everyday use. Excellent cold storage with vacuum double structure. It features a colorful coloration like Kiamusze and a characteristic two-hole handle. The wide opening makes it easy to clean, which is also attractive.

・Vacuum double structure
・Heat retention effect: 53℃ or more (6 hours)
・Cold insulation effect: 10℃ or less (6 hours)
・BPA free
・Outdoor cord convenient for hanging or attaching a carabiner Included
* Microwave oven and dishwasher cannot be used

Contents: 320ml

Material: Body/Stainless Steel (Powder Coating)

The position of the bottle cap may deviate from the center position of the logo. Thank you for your understanding. Please be assured that there is no problem in using it.

・Wash well with dishwashing detergent, etc., and rinse thoroughly before use.
・As the surface may be damaged, please use a sponge when washing, and refrain from using cleansers or scrubbing brushes.
・Please put the drink less than the lower end inside the lid. If you put too much drink, it may overflow when the lid is closed.
・Do not put dry ice or carbonated drinks.
・Do not add boiling water. When you close the cap and carry it, put it in after it reaches a drinkable temperature (approximately 70 degrees Celsius or less).
Please be sure to check other instruction manuals before use.