Demano Turo M Bici - Recycled Bag For Rear Bicycle Rack Or Handlebar

Rp 940.000,00
TURO M BICI is a versatile waterproof bag ideal for your city rides. Designed to hook up on the rear bicycle rack or at your bicycle handlebar using Velcro straps. You can carry it with a strap when not attached to the bike. Inside, it has an interior pocket with velcro to keep you laptop or valuables separate from the rest. Also, has a handy small pocket for your essentials. It is made with a recycled banner that instead of becoming a waste, we make sure that its history continues giving it a new life purpose. Authentic Recycled bags MEASURES: 35 x 30 x 15 CMS. CAPACITY: 16 Litres. MATERIAL: It is made with canvas (PVC) from recycled banners that were used to publicize celebrations and special events in the city of Barcelona. It is waterproof, durable and super resistant. CLOSURE: plastic buckles with reflective ends. HANDMADE IN BARCELONA: All our models are unique pieces made by hand. Therefore, the design may vary slightly from the reference image.