Rp 550.000,00

Chums standard, a hard case (M size) that is indispensable for storing camping accessories.

A hard case (medium size) made of impact-resistant and highly durable EVA resin. The inner sides are made of microfleece, which provides cushioning and protects the contents from impact. The M size is recommended for putting together outdoor tableware or as a peg case.

<Product specifications>
・Size: M
・Lid back: Mesh pocket
・Inside: With movable partitions (2 pieces)
・Partitions can be attached to the side with Velcro
・Booby bird design on the lid and footprints on the bottom
・Portability Comes with a handle that is convenient for carrying
. A shoulder belt (sold separately) can be attached to the D-ring on the side.

size details


Item details

Material: Top/Bottom/EVA
Side Part/Polyester 100%