Collection: Outdoor Products

OUTDOOR PRODUCTS was started by the Altschul brothers' strong desire to create daily necessities that would be loved by outdoor enthusiasts . In 1973, Los Angeles,  West Coast of the USA OUTDOOR PRODUCTS was established by Altshule brothers with the strong motivation "to create the products for everyday life which would be appreciated by the enthusiasts for the outdoor recreations". The 452U, which is synonymous with the brand , was invented in the late 1970s . Its simple, lightweight, and durable construction captured the hearts of young people across the United States, and it quickly established itself as the standard daypack . The brand invented the most famous "452U" in the late 70's. The simple, light and durable 452U rapidly became popular among young people in the USA, and was established as "the standard daypack". Today, in addition to bags, it is a lifestyle brand that sells a wide range of daily necessities such as casual wear, underwear, shoes, watches, and stationery , and is loved in more than 60 countries around the world.