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What outdoor activities can you do with family or friends?

Yes! Camping ground is one of them. According to the website, Campground is a common term in the world of nature lovers to refer to a campsite. Camping ground is a fun outdoor activity to do with family or friends. So, what are the items needed for a camping ground activity? Let's give you some tips!


One of the most essential gears when camping ground is a tent. There are several things to consider in choosing a tent and matching it with its needs. Here are some tent recommendations from Outside that you can use when camping ground:

Sleeping Pad & Bag.

The thing you must pay attention to during camping is bringing a sleeping pad & sleeping bag so that you can rest comfortably throughout the camping trip. The main function of bringing a sleeping pad & sleeping bag is to provide safety and comfort during sleep and to keep you warm throughout the night. Here is our recommendation for you!

Camping Chair.

A camping chair is also something you must bring when camping, which is useful for relaxing, enjoying a campfire, and even sipping coffee while enjoying nature. Here are some recommendations from Outside for your camping chair.

Cooler & Storage Box.

When engaging in outdoor activities such as camping/glamping, you will definitely need special storage to keep some food or drinks fresh, such as bringing food ingredients, fruits, fish, or cold drinks. Here are our recommendations for lightweight cooler boxes that are suitable to bring along on your camping trips!

Camp Cooking.

While enjoying nature and a campfire during camping, don't forget to make drinks and cook delicious meals with your family and friends. Here are some product recommendations from Outside