PRIMUS TrailSpork Tritan - Blue

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PRIMUS TrailSpork Tritan

Width: 38mm | Depth: 166mm | Weight: 7g | Height: 15mm

Light water bottle for hiking and training
TrailBottle Tritan is a lightweight water bottle in durable plastic for those on the go. Tritan does not pick up or give off any flavours and does not contain any bad chemicals like BPA and other bisphenols. The bottle is transparent and looks like glass, but is as durable as plastic.

The water bottle has a large opening, which makes it easy to fill and clean. With a strap connecting the cap and the lid, you can be sure that you will not drop and lose the cap. You can also attach the loop on the strap to your backpack so that you always have water nearby during a long hike, when training or taking a walk to work. The bottle has a standard thread to fit most water purifiers and filters on the market.

  • Tritan bottle and lidfree of chemicals.
  • Large opening - easy to fill and clean.
  • A loop to attach to your backpack etc.
  • Fits most water filters.