Rp 1.610.000,00
Bonding Fleece (bonding fleece) that achieves outstanding warmth, a winter staple of Kiamusze

Long pants using thick bonded fleece fabric. The lining is made of short-pile microfleece, making it comfortable to wear. By sandwiching a windproof film between the fleece, it has excellent wind resistance and achieves outstanding warmth.

The fluffy bristles are soft and comfortable to the touch, and the waist is adjustable with an elastic and string for easy wear. Slightly tapered and refreshing silhouette. The fabric of the back pocket is changed, and the booby face logo is embroidered as an accent. You can also style it with an outerwear. Recommended as a cold protection or relaxing wear for winter camping.

Material: Polyester100%
Made in China

*The color of the product in the image may differ from the actual product depending on the lighting and angle. Please note.